ETEC 565S: Day 1 Reflection

A reflection of our afternoon of play, with reference to Huizinger's definition of 'play' and Caillois' take on 'game'. Afternoon board games - we settle into our corner and choose a game to play. Image from: “Sagrada? What’s that?” “Do you know that cathedral in Spain? It’s a really fun game where you build … Continue reading ETEC 565S: Day 1 Reflection

Sketchnoting the concept of Knowledge

I'm currently enrolled in ETEC 530: Constructivist Strategies for E-Learning through the UBC MET program. We are learning about knowledge, and how it's constructed and acquired, through a philosophical lens held up by Professor Duncan Pritchard at the University of Edinburgh. The following post was one of our discussion post assignments. Method: My task for … Continue reading Sketchnoting the concept of Knowledge

Producing Digital Content: A Story told in Emaze

During my Learning Technologies: Selection, Design, and Application course, we were asked to produce a digital story about the types of digital content we have worked on thus far, as a type of reflection of our journey with various online media technologies. Since embedding an Emaze presentation doesn't work on (I was only able … Continue reading Producing Digital Content: A Story told in Emaze

NECDSB Google Collaborative Inquiry Project

As part of my school board's Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) funding, I was tasked with developing and executing a research project. Based on this article on the ISTE website, and the work of Leigh Zeitz, an associate professor of instructional technology at the University of Northern Iowa, I worked to modify the concept presented … Continue reading NECDSB Google Collaborative Inquiry Project

Application to UBC MET Submitted!

So after months of preparation: impromptu meetings, cold calls, networking, and the realization that I have a lot of great people surrounding me in unrelenting support - I have submitted my application to graduate school.Back in July, I visited my sister in Vancouver.  I had been researching grad school programs, truthfully for a few years … Continue reading Application to UBC MET Submitted!