Grade 5 Science: Human Organ Systems and Dissecting Frogs

I cut the top of my thumb yesterday slicing up a lime for shrimp skewers on the BBQ. This morning, I went to open a new band-aid and, for some reason, the band-aid had frogs on it. This reminded me of an event Science Timmins facilitated as a culminating activity for my Grade 5 science … Continue reading Grade 5 Science: Human Organ Systems and Dissecting Frogs

Building Bridges with Virtual Researcher on Call

When I taught Grade 7 Science, I used Virtual Researcher on Call in my classroom to help with my Structures unit. Professor Francesco Tangorra from Algonquin College was the resident expert on call, and if you ever have the chance to work with him, you won't be disappointed! The following is an excerpt from an … Continue reading Building Bridges with Virtual Researcher on Call

Science Timmins

Antoine Garwah is the founder of Science Timmins, and he and his wife Lorraine have brought forth exciting learning opportunities for students in Timmins and the surrounding areas for many years. They bring science to life and provide hands-on activities for students to "play, discover and learn." Stay tuned for more news about their most … Continue reading Science Timmins

Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC)

VROC is an organization that connects knowledge partners - college and university professors and professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - with Canadian students in elementary and secondary schools, for real-time, interactive learning opportunities. I have used this service to connect Grade 7 Science students with a University of Ottawa organic … Continue reading Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC)