I was teaching about similes last week, and I introduced the students to a poem called “Predictable” by Bruce Lansky.  In the poem, Bruce relays a lot of clichés, such as “poor as a church mouse” and “bald as an eagle”.  Now, after going through many examples of similes using mentor texts, each student composed their own simile poems through a cloze format (fill in the blank) entitled “Clever”.  Meaning, they could not use any of the tired clichés Bruce used in “Predictable”.  They delivered (click on the Twitter pic link to see one of the poems)….

@MelizzaLavoie: @Bryan_Baeumler: Simile poems this morning…..”Love it – A+!!

— Bryan Baeumler (@Bryan_Baeumler) October 15, 2014