Friends, Learning, Making and Playing…a Conversation with Kindergartners

“School is fun.”

“I like playing with my friends.”

“I like that we go to centers and have fun, and play together as friends.”

“I love that I have a lot of friends here, and we do a lot of activities. I like learning and reading here.”

“I like my teachers and my friends, and I like playing with blocks and Legos.”

“I like to make stuff with my bare hands.”

“I like when my Papa picks me up from school.”

“I like the Legos and the books. It’s fun to read books! I like to play with my teachers and friends too.”

These are just a sampling of the sweet, thoughtful and genuine interviews I conducted with several JK and SK students at the Northeastern Catholic District School Board these past couple of weeks.

Tuesday, January 26th was my Board’s JK Registration day. I was tasked with creating a multimedia presentation showcasing our Kindergarten students, and all of the amazing learning opportunities their teachers provide for them.

The common thread in the conversations with these students was the concept that learning is fun, and also that they love to create, play, and perhaps most importantly, they love their friends, family and teachers. It’s the people who surround them every day who have their best interests at heart, and to help them to realize their potential, who were at the forefront of their minds (and are, every day).

Here is a link to my presentation, and I hope I was able to capture the spirit of these students and the Kindergarten program itself.

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Producing Digital Content: A Story told in Emaze

During my Learning Technologies: Selection, Design, and Application course, we were asked to produce a digital story about the types of digital content we have worked on thus far, as a type of reflection of our journey with various online media technologies.

Since embedding an Emaze presentation doesn’t work on (I was only able to find a plugin); to share, I’ve simply inserted a hyperlink within a screenshot of my story. Please click on the image to be transported there. Just press play!

Screenshot 2015-07-27 13.52.51