Producing Digital Content: A Story told in Emaze

During my Learning Technologies: Selection, Design, and Application course, we were asked to produce a digital story about the types of digital content we have worked on thus far, as a type of reflection of our journey with various online media technologies. Since embedding an Emaze presentation doesn't work on (I was only able … Continue reading Producing Digital Content: A Story told in Emaze

NECDSB Google Collaborative Inquiry Project

As part of my school board's Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) funding, I was tasked with developing and executing a research project. Based on this article on the ISTE website, and the work of Leigh Zeitz, an associate professor of instructional technology at the University of Northern Iowa, I worked to modify the concept presented … Continue reading NECDSB Google Collaborative Inquiry Project

One Tab: Bringing your tabs together

If you're like me, I push my Chrome browser to its limits with the amount of tabs I have open when I embark on my daily information highway roadies. I use a free Chrome extension called One Tab. If you're a Firefox user, here's the Mozilla Add-On One Tab as well.  One Tab looks like … Continue reading One Tab: Bringing your tabs together

digital Human Library and professional artist Omari Newton

Omari Newton is in the digital Human Library! Montreal-born artist Omari Newton is a professional actor, writer, Slam poet and MC whose work can be found on television, film, stage or radio. Omari's work in television and film includes playing Lucas Ingram in the Showcase series Continuum, Larry Summers in the Spike series Blue Mountain State … Continue reading digital Human Library and professional artist Omari Newton

Making Thinking Visible with the Shadow Puppet App in K-2

A couple of months ago, I was asked to present to Kindergarten teachers about how to use the Shadow Puppet EDU app for iPad and iPhone, and how students can use this tool to make their thinking visible in an interactive, engaging and intuitive way. The Shadow Puppet app allows students to create videos, presentations … Continue reading Making Thinking Visible with the Shadow Puppet App in K-2

Application to UBC MET Submitted!

So after months of preparation: impromptu meetings, cold calls, networking, and the realization that I have a lot of great people surrounding me in unrelenting support - I have submitted my application to graduate school.Back in July, I visited my sister in Vancouver.  I had been researching grad school programs, truthfully for a few years … Continue reading Application to UBC MET Submitted!

Padlet in the Classroom

Our class has been using Padlet in order to help us to communicate our mathematical thinking.  Padlet is a free, online resource that is essentially a wall.  You may build a wall for virtually any subject area (I use it primarily for Math), and, most importantly, the students love to use it.  My tutorial was … Continue reading Padlet in the Classroom