Ctl Education Chromebook Training for Teachers

The teachers in my Board acquired Chromebooks (namely CTL Education Chromebooks) at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, as part of a plan to move towards and embrace web-based computing and Google Apps for Education. We also have Chromebooks for our students, and these will be in their hands very soon. This is a presentation I created to address some concerns and questions teachers had at one particular school; however, the questions and content can easily be changed to suit all needs as I continue training. Many of our teachers have either never heard of Chromebooks or have not used them extensively (if at all). To be perfectly honest, I myself have not had much experience with Chromebooks either, so I’m learning right along with them!

The training I provided on this day consisted of two small groups; one in the morning and another in the afternoon, where the ratio was 2:1. This was extremely helpful in addressing all of those little questions that pop up while test driving their Chromebooks, particularly regarding how they differ from the Dell laptops they have been using for years.

I am sharing this presentation here, and hope to receive some feedback from other school boards – what were some of the challenges in deploying Chromebooks to your teachers and support staff? Triumphs? How about distributing them to students? I’d love to hear from you!

CTL Education Chromebook Training Slide Deck

The CTL Education Chromebook

digital Human Library

After reaching out to the lovely and energetic Leigh Cassell, creator of an important video-conferencing resource for educators and students called the “Digital Human Library” and a teacher herself in the Avon-Maitland District School Board, a sharing of ideas ensued.The Digital Human Library is a resource I believe in, and is extremely beneficial, particularly to rural classrooms where field trips are not always at our fingertips.  Now, they can be.  Leigh has worked tirelessly to procure many, many contacts for “meBooks”, or, experts in various fields who have agreed to provide teachers across the country and beyond with the virtual field trip experience.  For example, students may be led on a museum tour of the Art Gallery of Toronto while sitting at their desks, all the while being inspired beyond the reach of a well-meaning research project and browsing books and Internet sites.  This website brings the subject to life.  This website makes the subject matter personal and relatable to the student.  Perhaps best of all, this website is….FREE.  Video-conferencing in the classroom is an inexpensive way to link students to amazing learning opportunities, and blended learning is here to stay.

Here is the link to Leigh’s site.

Further, here is a podcast where Wei Chen from cbc.ca interviews Leigh about the Digital Human Library.  Scroll to 34:04 and take a listen.