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My name is Melissa Lavoie. I’m from South Porcupine, Ontario (yep). I started teaching in 2006, fresh out of University of Windsor’s teacher’s college, and have been employed with the NeCDSB since 2007. After having taught grades 3 through 7, and special education for four of those years, I am currently the Education Technology Special Assignment Teacher for my board and founder of the Walk With Us project. I’m also a member of NeCDSB’s Educational Technology and FNMI Steering committees, and am always on the lookout for new training opportunities and resources to help the good people in education. In order to better support the teachers and support staff in my board (and just because I love Google!), I am in the process of taking my Google Certified Educator exams and have completed the Google Training Essentials certificate in December 2015. Next step is to become a Google Certified Trainer! Currently, I’m also a graduate student at UBC in the MEd, Educational Technology program. As I move forward in the MET program, I find myself being interested in applied research in the classroom. I am currently working on an ongoing research project for my board’s CODE funding. Phase 4 of this project spanned from January to June 2015, and the topic was using Google tools as a platform to enhance collaborative inquiry and group work in Junior and Intermediate classrooms.  Phase 5 (September 2015 to June 2016) was all about the system-wide growth our board experienced during our board-wide GAFE training model, and the impact it had on academic staff and students. I am also working towards using educational technology to be a part of a non-profit venture, and am in the beginning stages of inspired, energetic talks and brainstorming sessions via Google Hangouts and email. I am also VP of the Board of Directors at the digital Human Library founded by Leigh Cassell of AMDSB.  My contributions include promotion and recruitment, and a new effort in the production and consumption of virtual field trips via the virtual tour building software called WalkInto. While work and school take up much of my time these days, I enjoy playing volleyball, running, trying new recipes and hoping for the best, supporting local farms, bonding with my Godson, and watching the sun set in my backyard.

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    1. Thank you Antoine! I enjoy working with you too, and promote Science Timmins whenever and wherever I can! You do truly amazing work with students from all over; inspiring them with your enthusiasm and love for Science.


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