Take ArcGIS Online on your next nature walk!

Wildlife Nature Walk

Are you planning a local trip with your family? Perhaps you are out for a socially distanced walk in your neighbourhood, or birdwatching in your backyard? Bring your device with you and record any wildlife you see with the help of ArcGIS Online!

How to participate in the Youth Wildlife Photo Survey

You’ll need:

The survey results will be available in real time on the Wildlife Photo Survey Dashboard, and are completely anonymous. You can interact with the elements in the Dashboard as they are all connected to each other. For example, if you zoom into a particular location on the map, the graphs in the Dashboard will change to reflect what data is shown on the map extent!

Remember to bookmark the Dashboard in your browser and keep visiting to see new photos on the map.

Special thank you to Esri Canada’s K-12 education department for hosting.

Please let me know if you try the survey, what you thought of it, or if you have any issues with it!

Let’s connect with nature together.

Quick Links

See Wildlife Photo Survey here

See Dashboard here

See Guidebook slides here

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