FEATURED: Walk With Us Project

Walk With Us Project involves using 360′ photography and Google Street View as a platform for youth to share stories of their culture, traditions and communities. Part of our mission is to help youth put their own rural and/or First Nations communities on Google Maps Street View. Read our history to find out how we got started!


Help us build a map of virtual tours of your communities!

Are you a teacher who has used tools like Google Tour Creator to build VR tours of your school and/or community? Or, are you interested in learning more about how to get started?

We’d love to learn about where you are from, and who better to be our guide than you? Fill out the Google Form below to be part of our map and allow others to visit your community virtually.


Click / tap on the Walk With Us logo on the map to access a particular community’s virtual tour link. Take a tour of the community on your desktop, or pop your phone into a pair of VR goggles for a fully immersive experience!


Where We’ve Been

To date, we have visited Mattagami First Nation, Moosonee, Taykwa Tagamou Nation, Constance Lake First Nation and Peawanuck First Nation in Ontario where WWU members captured 360′ imagery to upload to Google Street View – quite literally putting their communities on the map. Explore some of the Street View in these locations below!

Where We’ll Go

As we grow and build relationships with more communities, Walk With Us can go virtually anywhere. Let’s update Street View coverage in northern and rural communities together, and tell our unique stories.

Screenshot 2019-03-26 20.35.23

Walk With Us and follow our journey!


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