Anger, fear, and games: The long event of #GamerGate by Torill Elvira Mortensen (2018) – an article review

Mortensen (2018) takes the reader through a story arc to define the event #GamerGate; however it has not come to a tidy conclusion yet (just type in the hashtag in Twitter). From the underground buzz where discourse began and how it gained momentum in mainstream social channels, to using a “swarm metaphor to describe its self-organizing nature” and gradually building to a crescendo with the declaration that #GamerGate is akin to hooliganism; defined by Merriam-Webster as “rowdy, violent, or destructive behavior.” Mortensen explores #GamerGate and states that “it is a unique chance to understand more about games and their culture”. The author explores the motivations behind the ugly and damaging vehemence of the GG’s supporters’ presence throughout this event….

Click below to read my article review; prepared for ETEC 565S: Digital Games, Pedagogy and Learning.

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