Two Strikes: A Twine Story

Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories In my summer institute course Digital Games, Learning and Pedagogy at UBC's Vancouver campus, we had the opportunity to try Twine, an online tool that allows you to make fun story games! This is such an incredible resource for the classroom as it is free! … Continue reading Two Strikes: A Twine Story

Shadowmatic: A Review

This review was prepared for the UBC MET program, ETEC 565S: Digital Games, Learning and Pedagogy. Click on the Spark Page below to experience the very beautiful, relaxing game Shadowmatic!

ETEC 565S: Day 1 Reflection

A reflection of our afternoon of play, with reference to Huizinger's definition of 'play' and Caillois' take on 'game'. Afternoon board games - we settle into our corner and choose a game to play. Image from: “Sagrada? What’s that?” “Do you know that cathedral in Spain? It’s a really fun game where you build … Continue reading ETEC 565S: Day 1 Reflection