Padlet in the Classroom

Our class has been using Padlet in order to help us to communicate our mathematical thinking.  Padlet is a free, online resource that is essentially a wall.  You may build a wall for virtually any subject area (I use it primarily for Math), and, most importantly, the students love to use it.  My tutorial was quick; they picked it up even quicker.  Here is an example of how we have used Padlet in class:

The students would get into small groups (or they could choose to work independently) and work within the unique Padlet link I sent to them via their Gmail accounts. Some chose laptops as their device of choice, others preferred iPads. The parameters for the assignment was on the Padlet wall, and I also projected the wall on our SmartBoard so that the students could see it on a larger surface. I set it up so that I had control of the content being posted, and before a student’s “post-it” would appear on the Padlet wall, I had to approve it first. However, this is an optional practice, and in the future I may simply allow the students to submit their posts without approval. If a student posts something outside of class expectations, in my opinion, this is an important opportunity for digital citizenship instruction.
Here is a You Tube video about various ways one can use Padlet – how would you use it? 

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